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      "Pshaw!" said the impatient Deacon. "You're simply stupid; that's all. That's the only way to handle an ax. You kin cut with half the work that way."

      CHAPTER XVIII. A SUNDAY OFF"Please excuse me to-day."

      "Of course," said Pen. She was reminded of Blanche and Spike.

      "That's what I say, too," added Shorty, with virtuous indignation. "'Specially when you kin git the best kind o' Confederit money from Cincinnati for two cents on the dollar. I always lay in enough o' that to do my tradin' with."

      "Be quiet! What did the man mean?"


      "Then it was just spite," said Pen.They got a number of flat stones, and laid down a little pavement in front of their door, and drove an old bayonet into the logs to serve as a scraper. They rigorously insisted on every visitor using this before entering.


      The night before Si left for "the front" he had taken his musket and couterments home to show them to his mother and sistersand the other fellow's sister, whose picture and lock of hair he had safely stowed away. They looked upon the bayonet with a dreadful awe. Tears came into Maria's eyes as she thought of Si roaming about through the South like a bandit plunging that cruel steel into people's bowels.


      "TOMORROW'S Sunday, ye know," said the Orderly of Company Q one Saturday night at roll-call.